About imagecafe

Imagecafe is all about photography and taking pictures of people.
We love Wedding and portrait photography, but we do a lot of food photography as well since food is our passion when at home. We love lots of other thing thinks too, like ice-cream, chocolate, coffee, pizza and home made Chinese food, big croissants, cream cakes, Chinese tea, Danish food …. and Swiss food if they deliver to our door …

Why do we like to capture you moments? That is a very simple question to answer because a wedding or engagement is a personal, romantic love story between 2 people and we are kind of  romantic of nature. We love to showcase the love story of the couple on this magical day through photography.

Wedding photography sums up almost every thing you can do in photography. You capture moments that are important in peoples life where they are very emotional and in an authentic setting. All the things that goes on around the wedding, that are so important like the reactions of parents and guests, the speeches, the first dances, the reaction of the groom seeing his future wife walking down the aisle.  Wedding photography is what keep your memories alive from one of the most important days of your life.

How we do it:

  • Besides the photographer, we have a second shooter / assistant at most weddings, to ensure that we get as good a coverage as we can.
  • We have backup gear so you always can get the service you paid for.

Some words about our gear …

We use cameras 🙂 and for the time being its the brand “Nikon” we use as main cameras. We have lots of studio light for use on location, and we always try to use what we have as creative as possible. If you prefer that we take the images in your own home or location, we are able to move the studio to you. This may also be used for events and for creative shots during your wedding.